Via The Post:The Nash Company
2129 Second Street
White Bear Lake,
Minnesota USA 55110

Telephone: (Toll Free in USA) 800-888-1220 or

TeleFax: (Toll Free In USA) 800-580-0233 or

Anytime Voice Mail: (Toll Free in USA) 800-677-3132 or
612-677-3132 or in the United Kingdom and Europe, please dial our London number at 0207-870-1519. We are London - 6 hours. Or, at noon in London, it is 6:00 am where we are - in bed, I should hope, at that hour!

Voice and Voice Mail Via Skype (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol): nashcompany

Email: Click here to contact us

Hours of Operation: As an internet business, our hours are somewhat unpredictable, especially during the Spring and Summer when holidays take some of us out of town, and we are closed on Fridays throughout the year.

About Taxes

Under present practice, sales tax is charged only to orders delivered in the state of Minnesota at the rate of 6.5 per cent, excluding food and clothing.

Orders shipped to other countries do not include customs and duty imposed at your border upon entry of the merchandise.