Ten Things To Do In A Conceptual Emergency

I found this wee book in a wee bookstore on an island off the West coast of Scotland...or perhaps it found me.

In a sense, it's a tool box (with some additional material) for getting a handle on the present in order to move into the future. You can read it in less than an hour, but you will think about it far longer than that.

Why, you might even find yourself talking about it to colleagues at work, friends, possibly someone you just met. It would make a lovely basis for a discussion about almost any topic or as a basis for thinking about our world in its present state or your own personal world in its present state.

Any combination of wisdom and a plan of action is worth reading, and this is. We offer a modest discount for the purchase of two copies by way of encouraging you to pass the word.

Limited number available.

BK1$14.95, 2/$28.00
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